The Access to Research Resources for Teachers (ARRT) Space is an educational research database making relevant publications available to educational professionals "at the touch of a button". The database has been developed to promote evidence informed practice and policy-making in education and encourage a partnership between the local educational research community and teachers. It also provides opportunities for teachers and other educational professionals across the world to access a large range of scholarly literature on Education in Northern Ireland and to find research that is relevant to their needs.

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   creative commons logo All documents in the ARRT Space are protected by a Creative Commons copyright licence (http://creativecommons.org/). Users may download the documents for their own purposes but must attribute the copyright to the authors/owners of the documents. The documents may not be edited or sold for commercial purposes.

The ARRT space is live but it is under continuous development, so you may notice changes in structures and headings from time to time!

The material available on the ARRT Space, unless published by GTCNI, reflects the views of the various authors and cannot be taken to represent those of the Council itself.

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